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Sarah Sinicki


Sarah is a leader focused on serving small businesses in various industries. She has worked with a multitude of companies over the last 25 years and loves helping business owners find success. Sarah is genuinely committed to unburdening Team 80 clients so that they have the freedom to focus on their business. In her free time, you can find her spending time with her husband, two kids, and her Yorkies, Marley and Ziggy. When she is not helping business owners, you can find her in a Reb3l Groove class dancing it out. Sarah is also an avid Colorado Avalanche fan, so if you ever want to talk about hockey, she’s your gal.

Team 80 CEO Sarah Sinicki
Team 80 Director of Business Development Katie Laureano

Katie Laureano

Director of Business Development

Katie has a gift for helping new clients feel comfortable working with Team 80. She is thorough, striving to understand each client’s unique needs deeply. Using her extensive experience working as an accountant, she can develop an accounting system that will give business owners an understanding of the financial aspects of their company. There is nothing like a concert to get Katie’s blood pumping; music is a big part of her life. You can find her on the water paddle boarding, a boat wake surfing, or snowboarding slopes when she’s not serving our wonderful clients.

Ben Smith

Director of Governmental Accounting

Ben has worked in and around small businesses for most of his career. But surprisingly, his professional path started in food service as a chef, not accounting. In 2009 he opened his own catering business. The accounting duties for the catering company fell on Ben’s shoulders, and that was when he realized accounting was a much better fit! Ben is passionate about helping small business owners make their companies successful and brings a highly varied set of experiences to the table to help in this pursuit. When he’s not crunching numbers, he can be found hanging out with his wife and their Miniature Pinscher Milo or pursuing his other passions, which include skiing, windsurfing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, playing guitar, and riding dirt bikes.

Team 80 Director of Governmental Accounting Ben Smith
Team 80 Director of Operations Jessica Rutland

Jessica Rutland

Director of Operations

Jessica accidentally discovered a passion for accounting over 20 years ago after her dream of being a marine biologist in Hawaii didn’t pan out. Today she can’t imagine doing anything else. Her love of helping small businesses grow allows her to be knee-deep in the numbers and still be the social butterfly that her energetic personality craves. You will never find her without a smile. Jessica loves gaming, golfing, and traveling the world to study art, history, and music in her free time. She’s played the piano for over 30 years and is a science fiction geek! As an entrepreneur, Jessica has had several small businesses of her own where she helped others become healthier in life and business and has experience in many different industries.

Pamela Stevens

Chief Accounting Officer

Pam has worked in the SBIR arena for over 20 years. She received her initiation in the field during her seven years at Duke University Medical Center. The remainder of that time has been spent managing the finances of small businesses with grant funding. She recently returned to her native Northwest Ohio to be closer to family. Pam enjoys spending time with her daughters, researching her family history, watching sporting events, listening to music, and reading when she isn’t working.

Team 80 Chief Accounting Officer Pamela Stevens
Team 80 Chief Accounting Officer Derrick Fox

Derrick Fox

Chief Accounting Officer

Derrick has been an accountant for more than ten years. He has worked with many different industries and is passionate about helping businesses succeed. He enjoys working one-on-one with business owners to help them understand the financial process so they can make informed decisions for growth and change. Outside of work, you can find Derrick spending time with his family, traveling, and keeping up to date with new smart home technologies and automation.

John Moore

Jr. Chief Accounting Officer

John began his professional career as a processor and underwriter in the mortgage industry. He spearheaded a Quality Control department with acute attention to detail and growing interest in the numbers world. After that, he moved on to building his own small business that is still in operation. In his spare time, John enjoys making music, playing games, and getting creative in the kitchen. An animal lover at heart, John’s goal is to build a rescue and rehab for wayward pit bulls.

Team 80 Jr Chief Accounting Officer John Moore
Team 80 Senior Accountant Tayal Hassan

Tayal Hassan

Sr. Accountant

Tayal is an artist, gamer, geek, and nature lover. Whether crunching numbers, playing video games, enjoying nature, or sketching in his free time, Tayal loves to use his creativity in his respective field. A traveler at heart, he’s spent his life traveling between three different homes in three countries. A semi-nomadic lifestyle has enabled him to enjoy new experiences with people across cultures. Coming from a business family, Accounting and Finance was no stranger to Tayal; business was practically a nightly dinner conversation. As a result, Tayal developed a passion for small business accounting.

Azeem Saghir

Sr. Accountant

Azeem brings a passion for business, finance, and accounting to his role at Team 80. In addition, Azeem enjoys creating solutions for new challenges that come his way. This comes in handy when working with clients across different industries. In addition, Azeem loves to travel, explore, and play cricket and badminton in his free time.

Team 80 Senior Accountant Azeem Saghir
Team 80 Staff Accountant Babar Pervez

Babar Pervez

Staff Accountant

Babar received his baccalaureate in Accounting from The City University of New York, and before joining Team 80, he worked at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In 2006, while visiting his cousin in Kansas, he fell in love with the vastness and laid-back style of the Great Plains. He promptly moved from the Big Apple to Kansas, where he worked as an accounting software quality assurance engineer. In addition, he is an avid reader and loves to travel.

Sohaib Shabbir

Staff Accountant

Sohaib is ambitious and driven. He is always looking for an opportunity to learn something new and seeking ways to streamline bookkeeping and accounting processes. In addition, he likes to travel, hang out with my family and friends, watch movies, and listen to music in his spare time.

Team 80 Staff Accountant Sohaib Shabbir
Team 80 Staff Accountant Muhammad Bin Ahmad

Muhammad Bin Ahmad

Staff Accountant

Muhammad brings over 17 years of accounting and finance experience to Team 80. He has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a master’s in business administration with a major in accounting. Before joining Team 80, he worked with different national and multinational companies. He believes his long finance and accounting journey can add immediate value to any organization. Muhammad enjoys quality time with his wife and their three daughters outside the office. His other passions include traveling, playing Cricket, online gaming, and movies. He also enjoys walking.

Shanzay Gill

Staff Accountant

Shanzay is an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) finalist and an accountant by choice, as he believes that accounting is one of the most crucial pieces for the sustainability of any business, big or small. Shanzay adds value to any company he works with. He is passionate about food and fitness, likes to travel, and loves soccer. He is an extrovert, enjoys reading about E-commerce marketplaces, and has a strong knowledge of online systems.

Team 80 Staff Accountant Shanzay Gill