A list of our ten favorite inspiring and useful blogs for small business founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Small business leaders and founders (like you) often write encouraging and insightful blogs. They’ve struggled through your same challenges and expertly articulate their journey to success – or failure.

Most are hyper-transparent, even going as far as revealing financials for readers to critique. And for small business founders and leaders, reading their words can be a bottomless well of tips, lessons, and inspiration.

Our collection features ten of Team 80’s favorite business and entrepreneurial blogs. They’re our go-to’s for Monday mornings when we’re settling into a busy week and need motivation. Each blog offers a different perspective on business and entrepreneurship – together, the collection is a library of business wisdom.

Here are our ten favorite blogs for small business founders and leaders.

  1. Seth Godin
    Seth Godin is a best-selling author. He’s been called “the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age,” and his blog reflects his specialties: business ideas, philosophies, and small business marketing tips with a focus on mindset. His words make us think, and with more than 7,000 posts, there’s a lot to absorb.
  2. Guy Kawasaki
    Guy Kawasaki is Canva’s, Chief Evangelist. He sharpened his marketing knife working on Apple’s Macintosh line in the early 1980s, and shares his knowledge on his popular blog. His marketing, social media, startup, and business insights are useful for every small business leader and founder.
  3. The Grasshopper Blog
    The Grasshopper Blog publishes articles that include actionable marketing tips for startups and small businesses. It’s inspiring and insightful content for founders and C-Suite execs and our source for blogs like “6 Tips to Help a Struggling Small Business Stay Afloat.
  4. Side Hustle Nation
    Well-known entrepreneur Nick Loper’s blog, Side Hustle Nation, accompanies his popular podcast, The Side Hustle Show, and offers tips for entrepreneurs trying to run a successful side-hustle without impacting their day jobs. Even if you’re not looking for a side hustle, his blogs provide fresh and inspiring ideas.
  5. Harvard Business Review
    Harvard Business Review features articles authored by founders and leaders on a range of topics like innovation, strategy, and business leadership. It’s intellectually stimulating content to wake your sleepy Monday morning brain.
  6. Small Biz Survival
    Small Biz Survival is an excellent resource for small business owners. The site’s content is intended for small town and rural businesses, but you can apply its insights and information to any small business.
  7. Startup Savant
    Startup Savant is our go-to for down-to-earth business advice and information. The content-packed site features articles covering five areas: compliance, planning, finances, branding, and formation.
  8. Women on Business
    Women on Business from Susan Gunelius, the President and CEO of Keysplash Creative, is an excellent resource for information and news explicitly designed to help more women build and oversee successful businesses.
  9. Under 30 CEO
    Under 30 CEO targets a younger demographic, but that doesn’t mean the blogs aren’t appropriate for business owners of every age. We appreciate the youthful slant; it’s refreshing.
  10. Quick Sprout
    Quick Sprout is the blog of well-known marketer Neil Patel. Patel, a trusted name in business and marketing, shares tactics and insights on marketing, lead generation, and social media. We’re fans of articles on his site like The Best Phone Service for Small Businesses.

There are many useful blogs for small business founders and leaders, but the ten featured here are our team’s personal favorites.

Do you have a list of favorite business blogs? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Team 80 CEO Sarah Sinicki

Sarah Sinicki

Team 80 CEO

Sarah is a leader focused on serving small businesses in various industries. She has worked with a multitude of companies over the last 25 years and loves helping business owners find success. Sarah is genuinely committed to unburdening Team 80 clients so that they have the freedom to focus on their business. In her free time, you can find her spending time with her husband, two kids, and her Yorkies, Marley and Ziggy. When she is not helping business owners, you can find her in a Reb3l Groove class dancing it out. Sarah is also an avid Colorado Avalanche fan, so if you ever want to talk about hockey, she’s your gal.

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