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Leveraging Internal Resources Through Subcontracting

Outsourced resources help your top employees do what they do best.

Key Points:

  • Outsourced remote partners minimize business risks.
  • On-shore outsourcing saves money.
  • Outsourcing can help your business grow.
  • Subcontracting lets you focus on running your business.

Most companies have at least a few valuable long-term employees with expertise gained from on-the-job experience.

These tenured workers go above and beyond, performing tasks outside their designated roles. And everyone in the company taps them on the shoulder because of their knowledge, experience, and willingness to help.

They’re quiet leaders. And smart companies value and retain them.

Intelligent businesses see the value of quiet leaders and support and foster their growth. Smart companies also recognize these long-term employees’ loyalty because they seek opportunities to grow inside the company instead of looking elsewhere.

Their loyalty, knowledge, and experience create a win-win business opportunity. Because the quiet leader and the business have a shared goal: to take on more challenges and grow.

But quiet leaders need time during the day to focus on tasks that help them grow. This often means abandoning the work they were hired to do (work they’ve mastered) and taking on duties and projects that align to higher business functions.

How does a company allow its quiet leaders to grow?

Companies usually promote their quiet leaders and hire replacements. But that’s not always the best approach.

Why? Here are two reasons:

  • Quiet leaders are born and not made. If one out of ten new hires is as capable and motivated as your quiet leaders, you’re doing well. And in small companies, who usually have little (or no) process for recruiting, hiring, and retaining top-notch personnel, their odds of employing a team of quiet leaders are slimmer. Playing the lottery isn’t usually a sound business strategy.
  • Your quiet leaders aren’t always interested in supervising and training subordinates. And if the goal is allowing the leader to expand her capabilities (and unburden other leaders), it won’t be achieved.

Hiring a quiet leader’s replacement often creates new problems because it keeps them mired in an inefficient cycle of hiring, training, and losing subordinates.

Pareto’s Principle at work.

Companies should outsource as many routine tasks as possible. It’s Pareto’s Principle at work. Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of results come from 20% of activity.

Here’s what we mean:

Success for most businesses hinges on a few primary activities (the 20%). The remaining tasks (the 80%) are essential but don’t add much value alone.

It’s easy to identify the kinds of tasks that fall into the 20% category, like sales, product/service delivery, solving customer challenges, and leading the teams that perform these functions. 20% activities inspire passion, excellence, and a commitment to giving customers a unique experience.

80% activities aren’t as exciting. They’re operational tasks necessary for any business. But both the 20% and 80% activities are critical to business success.

Unfortunately, the 80% activities are draining and take your quiet leader’s focus away from passion and innovation.

Remote partners are the answer – they minimize risks, save money, and help businesses grow.

Remote partners can tackle your 80% tasks – and they’ll do it with the same gusto your employees have for their 20% tasks.

Why not outsource your standard business tasks to people who geek-out on routine activities?

Team 80 is your outsourced resource.
We’ve seen too many small businesses fail for mundane reasons.

Here’s why: Small businesses have a lot of moving parts.

Large companies can throw money and resources at every moving part. But small businesses are strapped for time and cash. They aren’t always aware of the small, but necessary, details that are critical for success.

We’ve mastered small business back-office functions. It’s that simple.

Our systems mirror those of large businesses, like 24/7 global cloud-based data access and robust financial management software for accounting, payroll, and accounts receivable – and we have the expertise to run each system.

But Team 80’s Back Office Specialists are the core of our services. They’re on a mission to end small business failures. Our Back Office Specialists are committed to our customer’s success – and, by extension, your customer’s success – and they can adapt our systems to your unique business needs.

Give your leaders time to focus on business innovation.

If any of the activities listed below are distracting your quiet leaders, it’s time to make a change. Give your quiet leader a promotion.

  • General ledger maintenance
  • Cash flow tracking
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Credit card data entry
  • Managing accounts payable
  • Customer invoicing
  • Managing accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Employee benefits management (health insurance, 401(k) plans, etc.)
  • Adding new employees/deleting old employees from the system
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Interfacing with external tax return preparers

Team 80 is your solution. Get in touch with us today.

Sarah Sinicki Photo

Sarah Sinicki

Partner at Team 80 LLC


Sarah Sinicki is a Partner and Director of Business Development with Team 80 in Colorado where she is able to apply her 20 years of experience to tailor an accounting solution for a business owner no matter what industry they might be in.

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Sarah Sinicki Photo

Sarah Sinicki

Partner at Team 80 LLC


Sarah Sinicki is a Partner and Director of Business Development with Team 80 in Colorado where she is able to apply her 20 years of experience to tailor an accounting solution for a business owner no matter what industry they might be in.