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Team 80 | Small Business Back Office Automation
Team 80 helps small business with back office automation. We provide accounting, business planning and tax services for small businesses.
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Working with you so
you can focus on the
20% of your business
that inspires your passion.

Cloud-based solutions to help
make your business cutting edge.

Spend your time with your passion.
Team 80 is behind you to help with
back office automation.

Focus on the “magic” 20%, with the confidence
that the remaining 80% is running smoothly

Live the 80-20 life.
Get more out of your business.

Team 80 works with you to make your small business accounting simple, efficient, and successful.

It has been our experience that roughly 80% of business processes are very similar, across all types of businesses. It is the other 20% of activity, usually revenue-producing, where magic really happens.


Team 80 is a group of accounting professionals that take the 80% off of your plate that doesn’t generate any revenue, allowing you to focus on the 20% that makes you money!


If we can successfully achieve this mission, owners experience:
• More confidence to grow their businesses
• Better-run businesses
• More profitable businesses
• Lower back office costs
• Maybe even a little more free time for other parts of their lives


Team 80 will take the guesswork out of your back office system and accounting so that you can focus on growing your business while increasing free time.


Who is Team 80?

You know that “other” 80%? We are the guys (and gals) who’ve got that covered for you. The Team 80 concept originated among CPA’s who decided to come down from their ivory tower and actually help small to medium sized businesses. We’ve been working on this since 2006. Recently, there have been stunning developments in software, electronic data interfaces between virtually all transaction processing companies (banks, credit card companies, venders and customers) and especially Cloud-based data exchanges. Finally, smaller businesses can benefit from the efficiency formerly available only to large businesses. And without the bureaucracy! We are a bit geeky and a love analyzing and interpreting data. We believe wheels don’t need to be re-invented. We believe we can find a system to do just about anything more efficiently. We solve problems, not symptoms.



Sarah has spent the last  20 years working with a variety of small business, helping them create and run a successful back-office.  Sarah’s passion is helping small business owners understand and grow their businesses.


After 40 years of working as a CPA professional, he has decided to meet his clients half way through working with Team 80.
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Accelerate Growth

We’ll empower you with tools and knowledge to understand your business financially and to grow a highly successful business.

Gain Actionable Visibility

We can show you the effect of your business decisions before you make them. We’ll compare your financial performance to your budgets and compare you to industry benchmarks.

Reduce Risk

Not only are you making well informed business management decisions on an informed basis with meaningful, not raw, data, you will use systems that virtually eliminate the possibility of embezzlement in AP and Payroll.

"We know what we need to focus on to maximize our profit and don't worry about anything else. Anytime we have a question, I know Team 80 is there to answer it."


"Team 80 takes the guesswork out of starting a business."


"Team 80 has given us the focus and clarity of direction that has been missing from our organization for so long."


"Having a dedicated account manager is like having an entire staff without the overhead costs. I can’t imagine going back to running a business without a partner like Team 80."


"Their back office staff are knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with. I look forward to many years of working with Team 80."


A Leader in Back Office Automation

Cloud-based technologies that help small businesses run more efficient.

Small Business Accounting

As a small business owner, you have more important things to do than worry about your books.  To form and maintain a solid financial foundation, each month we reconcile your bank account(s), reconcile your credit card statements, generate an income statement, generate a balance sheet, handle payroll and associated tax withholdings, clean up your ledger, manage payables and receivables and provide ongoing consultation all on a secure mobile accessible platform.   Never before have your books looked this good.  Focus on achieving your business (and personal) goals!
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Business Planning

We work with you to understand your business goals and create a plan to reach them.  Let us create the roadmap to your success by making sure you have the financial and structural tools to get there.

Tax Planning & Filing

Why not consider the same team that understands and takes care of your day to day accounting to work alongside you with their tax partner.  We provide a full menu of state, federal and local tax services for small businesses with transparent, up-front pricing.  We’ll take the pain out of tax time by removing any surprises and making it easy to understand.


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